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31st March 2018    Stanfield Compass Music Fest

1st April 2018          Royston Heath with SkyWest
13th April  2018       Royston Folk Club Showcase
27 May 2018            Beer Festival , The Crown Litlington
8th June 2018          Royston Folk Club Host and Songs
10th June  2018      Festival Day at the Fox Burwell
28th July 2018       The Crown, Litlington,  Showcase event
Sunday 2nd September   Wimpole Great Barn  Martin Kaszak  and 'Cut the Mustard'
Saturday 15th September   _ Live at The Plough,  Shepreth Beer Fest   4.30pm! 

Thursday 6th September  Bishops Stortford Acoustic Club
29th and 30th September 2018     Wimpole Produce Fair


Sunday 27th  January 2019 - The Plough Shepreth - Folk on Sunday
Sunday 28th April 2019 - Royston Heath Sports Club - SkyWest
Sunday 9th June 2019 - Burwell , Fox Fest -cut the Mustard
Sunday 30th June - Aston Village Hall - Skywest
Friday 12th July 2019 - Royston Folk Club
Tuesday 23rd July 2019 - Skywest live at Old Harlow
Friday 26th July 2019 - Private Gig - Cut the Mustard
Sunday 28th July - Skywest - Royston Heath Sports Centre
Friday - 6th September 2019- Woodfest Set
Sat/Sunday 7th & 8th September 2019 -Wimpole Produce Fair
Wednesday 16th October 2019 - Bishops Stortford - Cut the Mustard
Wednesday 20th November  2019 - Acoustic club (Pat Crilly- Cut the Mustard

Cut the Mustard.  - Martin Kaszak and David Oxley -  2022

 20th April -Baldock Folk Club
24th June - St Harmonicas Club
30th June -Loughton Folk Club
8th July - Royston Folk Club

11 September - Martin Kaszak at Croydon Car Show